Tuesday, June 2, 2009

News Item: Not all Super Heros have boring lives, just most of them

Super Heroes have personal lives. It's not something we see a lot of. Mostly because it's really boring. After you've seen Luke Cage battle evil, why would you want to watch him do his taxes? Or heat up a Hungry Man in the microwave?

There's a market for everything though, and some people just won't be satisfied until they see Batman sitting down for a late night coffee, the Hulk walking his dog, Spider-Man peeing against the side of a building. Wait, what? Wonder Woman engaging in her favorite pastime of sexual dominatrix... now hold the phone.

Photographer Ian Pool has used the everyday lives of Super Heroes as the focus of a recent series of photographs. Mixing what appear to be action figures with live sets and models, he's created some, well, some interesting images. Evidently Darth Vader can use the crapper without getting out of that life support suit. Who knew?

Super [Ianpool.com]

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