Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Free Gift from Us to You: ComicCon Bingo

Visiting San Diego this week for the world's largest unholy paean to America's most venal and petty forms of entertainment? Well, compete with your fellow gawking tourists in the land of merchandising and mouth-breathing with this handy high-res version of COMIC CON BINGO!

(click for the high-res printable version, and enjoy, nerds!)


  1. That superman and the girl were at our desks giggling at that guy YEARS ago, and a co-worker came up and goes, "oh, that's so-and-so...he's our good friend". And then we felt bad.
    Because we wanted to ask so many questions but , were unsure how to ask them.

  2. Let the record show that I feel kind of bad about the Dorkin joke. He's a really nice guy.