Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Who Watches the Watchmen: Again?

Over at, Rich Johnston asserts a comically frightening hypothesis. His ear to the pavement, Rich indicates that his sources have revealed to him the possibility of not only a sequel to The Watchmen film, but a number of miniseries and on going projects exploring the history of the franchise.

Despite the rumor that the events in Watchmen took place in one of the new post 52 universes, Paul Levitz had always put the kibosh on any expansion of the franchise. One presumes it's just another bizarre manifestation of his challenging relationship with Alan Moore. It seems that expanding on the franchise is something of a dirty fantasy for Don DiDio. With Levitz stepping aside, indications are that DiDio has made expanding the Watchmen franchise a pet project.

With any luck this will generate a vindictive and angry screed from Moore that will require a thesauraus for proper comprehension.

[Get Ready for Watchmen 2]