Monday, April 27, 2009

PR and Q / OG Seebelow: You know how you guys think nothing could be worse than The Spirit?

How much yes? Fuck yes is how much.

Brett Ratner to Direct Youngblood Film [Newsarama]

The Indian production company Reliance Big Entertainment has optioned Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood for film treatment, with Brett Ratner attached to direct, this according to Variety.

“Most* of the great graphic novels are gone, and ‘Youngblood’ is one of the few comicbooks left** with tentpole potential,” Ratner told the trade. “It was a real personal passion project for me, and a lot of people wanted (‘Youngblood’), but the amazing thing about the guys at Reliance is the speed with which they’re able to move***.”

Reliance has also acquired the rights to French graphic novel Fly Wires (which will be renamed Infinity) for Ratner’s production company as well.

Both projects are being fast-tracked for production.****

This won't the Ratner's first foray into the world of comic books. He directed Marvel/Fox's 2006's X-Men: The Last Stand following Bryan Singer's departure from the franchise to direct Superman Returns.

* Or, apparently, "all", if they've sunk this low
** I wouldn't tentpole Youngblood if it were one of the few comicbooks left
*** I don't expect Liefeld exactly dragged his feet in accepting any and all offers
**** "Quick, make the film before someone reads the book!"

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  1. The reason "The Spirit" is still worse than this, in one way, was there was there was at least the potential for the spirit movie to be good in the first place. No one's going to expect this turd to get polished.

  2. Honestly? The bar is really low here. There's nearly no way a film of Youngblood could be as bad as the Youngblood book.

    Marvel didn't start really getting a handle on making their films any good until they leveraged a property that couldn't possibly get any worse, Blade.