Friday, May 8, 2009

No Thank You: Comics We Will Never Read, Week of 05/13/2009

We here at SeeBelow* are devoted readers of all kinds of comics: good, bad, and really quite unbelievably bad. But there isn't enough time for us to read everything, and to be honest, there's a lot of stuff issued each and every week that we wouldn't touch even if we were stuck in a doctor's waiting room for all eternity. So every Friday, we'll check in on Comics We Will Never Read.

Manga Shakespeare "Othello" Graphic Novel (Abrams), $10.95

One surefire way to deaden our interest is to take a perfectly acceptable idea and turn it into manga for no discernable reason. We're mildly curious to see why the Moor is portrayed in the same vaguely Asian way as all manga characters, but not enough to pony up eleven bucks to watch a cutesy-fied, big-pupilled Desdemona get strangled to death.

Terry Moore's "Echo" #12 (Abstract Studios), $3.50

The key words influencing our decision here are the first two.

History Of The DC Universe Trade Paperback [New Printing] (DC), $12.99

Wow, a chance to pay 13 smackers for a 'history' that has already been superseded by events before it even hits the stands! DC treats its continuity like a hooker it has chained up in its basement, driving many good people insane; why on Earth would we enable them by buying something its own editors haven't paid attention to in years?

How To Cosplay. Vol 1 (Graphic-Sha), $24.99

Er, no. No thank you.

Hardy Boys Hardcover Vol. 17: Word Up (Papercutz), $12.95

Yes, it's the same old Hardy Boys adventures you enjoyed when you were young, assuming you are now very old, only in comic book form! With bad art and storytelling! Plus, they're all like NOW! And HAPPENING! And URBAN, as witnessed by the use of hip-hop slang that was outdated in 1986! Also? Manga.

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  1. Leonard, I assume you're not interested in How To Cosplay Vol. 1, because you're already a more advanced cosplayer. Perhaps you'd be more interested in "Tattle Tails: A Furry's Life and Loves."